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KISSIN’ DYNAMITE-Generation Goodbye

AFM Records

Is there something in the water in good old Germany? They keep producing interesting hard and heavy bands and have been doing that for decades now. Kissin’ Dynamite hails from Reutlingen in the south of Germany and the group around the brothers Hannes (vocals) and Ande (guitar) Braun decided that for their fifth record under this banner everything would be done without outside help to make sure that the creative process would not be disturbed. They also took control of the engine room as they figured they had gathered enough experience to look after that department too. Well, in my opinion they have done the job. `Generation Goodbye’ is a fresh and dynamic sounding hard rocking album with lots of melody and a bunch of good tracks as well. Hannes is a very reasonable singer with power and a good reach. He has moments that he goes a bit over the top but at most of the time he is really sounding cool. Take for instance ,,If Clocks Were Running Backwards’’, a great sounding ballad where Hannes steals the show with his inspired performance. As a composition for me by far the best song on the album followed by the rockers ,,Generation Goodbye’’, ,,Somebody To Hate’’ and ,,Larger Than Life’’. Have not heard any fillers on this album, so Kissin’ Dynamite deliver consistent work. If you are into bands like Bonfire, Silent Force and Voodoo Whisky it would be wise to check this one out as well.


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