krash karma cover

KRASHKARMA–Paint The Devil


If you have never heard of Krash Karma so far than you’re either deaf, blind or simply don’t go to concerts at all. The partners in crime, Ralf Dietel and Niki Skistimas belong to one of the hardest working bands in the business with delivering only 200% on stage at every show. I’m sure they played in your neighbourhood already as well but you’d been too busy or stupid to go to the show. You‘re bad, which you will realize by listening to the brand new long player ‘Paint The Devil’. They actually recorded the devil, cause listening to these songs will soak up your soul and will sell it to rock ‘n roll. It would be a big surprise if this album will not mark a commercial success for the band. Just for the record: I told you before they went big that they are amazing…don’t get back to me in a year from now telling me you always knew….just buy the record and bang your head to it.


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