Leaves' Eyes Black Butterfly

LEAVES’ EYES-Black Butterfly EP

AFM Records

Coinciding with their upcoming European tour and the Christmas holidays, symphonic metallers Leaves’ Eyes release this 4 track EP. Usually this wouldn’t immediately draw attention, but in this case we gladly make an exception to review.

With the gripping title track ,,Black Butterfly”, accompanied by two even better tracks ,,Serkland” and the ravishing ,,Night Of The Ravens”, Leaves’ Eyes showcase the band has not suffered from their status as rock’s most revolving door. The band’s original sound still stands tall with Alexander Krull guarding the outcome meticulously. The result is an impressive short but appealing EP and with the enchanting title track displaying Elina Siirala’s wide range, delving from prog rock to high soprano. Benchmark Viking elements are pulling forward the harsher ,,Serkland” with Krull roaring and grunting it to a climax. More pompous ,,Night Of The Ravens” blasts from the speakers. A pulsating bass line takes it into power chants with Siirala again displaying her range. Less frail than her predecessor she echoes with confidence and pitches high. Though she really had to win me over, Krull clearly steered the band’s typical ingredients into a sharper direction. The dynamics have increased and the contrast between raw riffs and piercing solos etch into the Viking symphonic surface of their back catalogue. ,,Night Of The Ravens” is an excellent track displaying the band’s perfected metal and oozing confidence and stride. More frail is the enchanting classic Christmas Carol ,,Silent Night”, performed in German. ,,Stille Nacht” is performed tastefully in a timid piano-vocals setting radiating calm and ethereally. Elina’s rolling R is adding posture to the frail performance. 

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