LEE AARON-Fire And Gasoline

Big Sister Records

For the first record of Canadian singer Lee Aaron (real name Karen Greening) we have to go back to the year 1982 when ‘The Lee Aaron Project’-CD was released. A CD that showed the singing talent of the girl with the help of musicians from Triumph and Moxy. A bit later she formed her own band with guitarist John Albani and the albums ‘Metal Queen’ and ‘Bodyrock” brought a lot of attention and tours all over the world. Lee got the nickname ‘Metal Queen’ and kept on going for quite a while but after the 1994 album ‘Emotional Rain’ her career took a different direction and Lee started a career in jazz music. Now she makes a return to rock music at the age of 53. ‘Fire And Gasoline’ contains twelve songs that during the good moments (,, Bitter Sweet’’, ,,Tom Boy”, ,,If You Don’t Love Me Anymore’’) reminds me a lot of the first two Alannah Myles albums. Easy listening rock with some sharp edges and I must say that Lee still has a pleasant voice to listen to. But the record has also a bit of a pop/rock feel to it with a ‘bubble gum’ track like ,,Wanna Be”, that could have been on a Blondie album. A couple of other tracks are also a mix between rock and pop. So a full return to the old style is not what this album is about. Having said that ‘Fire And Gasoline’ is a reasonable CD that might bring some attention back on the former ‘Metal Queen’.


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