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Leecher is a Hungarian metal band operating in the Symphony gothic sector of the metal field. Unlike most bands however Leecher uses the classic pompous symphonic style but also has a prominent place in the band for cellos adding an extra dimension and sound to their infective potion. `Deviant’ is their brand new album is very worth checking in.

With Apocalyptica paving the way for the use of classical instrumentation in the genre, Leecher takes the evolution one step further, injecting genre specific powerful symphonic elements with the typical sound of the cello. With no less than 3 different tuned cellos replacing guitar, the band makes quite some impact. It must be said: I did not miss the guitars for one second! The potion delivered is simply too well crafted by the Budapest band, that in the person of Anett Horváth also feature a captivating front-lady, delivers an excellent collection of tracks that have a unique ring to them due to the strings blending perfectly with the symphonic tenor of the music. ,,Harvester Of Calamity” opens very atmospheric and densely orchestrated towards the wonderful classical poised ,,Infinite Greed” with its angelic Gregorian chants. Their current YouTube single ,,One-Second Confusion” is spit into form with the cello’s down tuned low immediately setting sail. The pace is high and the riff is accompanied by warm whaling cello tones with drums in ravishing wallop. Shredding impressive riffs pulling it forward, Leecher’s Anett proves the perfect match. Her voice is packing the typical range and light falsetto, but also has enough metallic shimmer to standout in the genre. With their music also packing progressive elements, she is an excellent focal point within their unique sound. With cellos taking over the middle section of the track you get a display of their impressive range and electrifying abilities. More intense is the widely appealing and intimate ,,Rainmaker” with Anett shining with a pitch perfect vocal performance full of grandeur over the tasteful orchestrated string sections. Ádam Nagy and Barabás Bótyik, together with Ábel Libisch create an intense and electrifying atmosphere with deep dark lows and vibrant staccato string-plucking enriching the elemental epic sound of Leecher. Dávid Tamási hammers the whole foundation solid. There’s so much going on and the musical craftsmanship is extraordinary. More poppy tracks such as ,,How Close Is Too Far”, the slick and infectious ,,Get Over It” and the warm emotional ,,Cassandra” are all spot on and downright excellent. ,,Messengers Of Fear” features some killer Celtic elements over the buzzing cello riffs while Tamási reveals more progressive elements and insane drum rolls over action packed dynamic floor and tom usage. The same progressive stop ’n motion density is revealed on the killer track ,,Architect Of Fate”, which is a little more lite footed and shuffling over its ominous driving cello riffs. Going more elemental with dense epic elements Leecher fire the wonderful ,,Lake Of Contradiction” upon us. The track opens with intense loud growling vocals before it suddenly delves into more symphonic terrain with progressive breaks all over and almost narrative vocal sections by Anett, who is growing in het role with the song flourishing. Her voice is wide ranged and very emotionally laden adding sublime diversity. With strings taking the spotlight the song takes turns into a gothic direction with its heavily orchestrated string sections. It is 5 minutes of sheer progressive pleasure. ,,Deviant” topped off by the grand finale. Leecher outdoes the precious track by miles with the astounding ,,Celestial Alignment”, pushing the envelope and delving deep in the genres characteristic classics without injecting them with their unique strings and driving progressive hooks and breaks. A must hear track on this must hear (and experience) album.

`Deviant’ is an intense and insanely infectious calling card for the Hungarian cello-metal band. Leecher features the distinct qualities of genre greats such as Epica and Within Temptation without lacking the uniqueness provided by the classical dimension added by the cellos. Leecher is definitely worth checking out and `Deviant’ will very likely win you over with its special tenor. Widen your horizon and experience epic symphonic metal Hungarian style.

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