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Well hello metal fans. Nowadays there is so much music coming out on so many platforms that I can’t keep up with it. There is a lot  not worth listening to for a second time, but sometimes I miss something when it is released, only to discover it a few months later. This is the case with one of the best kept secrets of 2018. The band’s name is Level Fields and the album is called ‘1104’. Holy moly, this is what discovering new bands and music makes so great. We have Alan Tecchio (v),  Marco Ahrens (g/b/key), Clint Arent (b) and Andreas ‘Theo’ Tegeler (dr). You might know Mr. Tecchio from bands like Autumn Hour, Non-Fiction, Watchtower, Seven Witches and Hades and in my honest opinion, I think he’s one of the best vocalists alive. Mr. Arent is from Autumn Hour and Mr. Ahrens and Mr. Tegeler are from the marvelous Poverty’s No Crime. What these guys create on this disc is from another planet. It’s my number one album of 2018, discovered in 2019!
Eight solid heavy metal compositions in various genres like doom, prog, thrash and US Heavy Metal. You might say: Non-Fiction meets Queensrÿche meets Black Sabbath all mixed with Fates Warning. Now, isn’t that something to try out?
The first track ,,Disowned’’ starts doomy, but within a minute you can hear all the ranges of Alan Tecchio’s voice. My Goodness! I have to look up all his other albums on my attic and play them again. ,,Truth Bringer’’ continues in the line of Fates Warning in their ‘A Pleasant Shade Of Gray’ period. ,,Enough’’ is a very experimental prog rock piece of work. ,,Get Over It’’ starts as a ballad but ends furious. So as you can read it’s a very divers album. And the best is yet to come! The short but heavy ,,ReMarquezable’’ is the introduction to the fantastic last track of the album ,,Extra 1104’’.

Listening is believing! Go check this album out! And to all the bookies out there: ‘try to get this band to Europe. They deserve it and we deserve them’!

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