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Trick Or Treat singer Alessandro Conti has teamed up with Rhapsody vocalist Fabio Lione in an attempt to create an Italian version of the liaison between power vocalists Russell Allen and Jorn Lande who recorded four strong albums together. The first three Allen/Lande albums were written, recorded and produced by Magnus Karlsson, the fourth by Stratovarius boss Timo Tolkki. For the Italian ‘version’ the label got DGM mastermind Simone Mularoni taking the reins providing Conti and Lione with some ready to digest melodic power metal songs. The Allen/Lande concept has worked out quite well as both singers have very distinctive voices that are able to tackle any genre in rock and metal. I am not so sure that that versatility of Allen/Lande is matched on this one. Of course Lione and Conti are capable vocalists while Mularoni understands his business as well, but for the record company asking to more or less recreate that formula… That request has not completely worked out. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Lione – Conti’ is quite a good record but the chemistry in their performances together is not as strong as the one between Allen/Lande. Both Italians sound like each other, there is hardly any individuality to be heard. They both are used singing the same musical style. There is not enough contrast in their voices. Having said that it must be stated that this record has really good songs to offer and I am convinced that people that like Helloween, Masterplan, Rhapsody etcetera will lap this record up as they should do. It is filled with excellent power metal songs, has a strong production and an overall strong performance of the musicians involved. I leave it up to you to judge if this matches up with the Allen/Lande records as everybody’s taste is different. For me it does not completely, you might see it different….


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