Inside Out Music

I know, I know, a lot of kick ass rock and metal music is coming whether from the UK or the States. But don’t forget a country like Germany with a very long metal and rock tradition and one of the most famous genre festivals ever: Wacken Open Air. Well, Long Distance Calling are from Germany and they don’t have to hide from no one. Their brand new album ‘Trips’ is definitely a trip. Or let‘s call it a mind fuck, because what they do to your mind with their music is simply unbelievable. It is musical hypnosis. Once the cd is in your player, you‘re captured and your mind will be stimulated with an energy you cannot put down into words, you have to experience it yourself. It‘s like the soundtrack to your fantasy. You can close your eyes and dive into another world, a new dimension of musical experience. I would hope that some rich person out there would start to sponsor these guys so they can build a stage production around this music which will be out of our minds. People will say, sure, I saw Roger Waters‘ The Wall, I’ve been to a Muse show but fuck me, Long Distance Calling made me never want to leave this world anymore. Dive into this masterpiece yourself, don’t be afraid, it is worth the try.


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