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Hard Rock Halleluja, they’re back!!! The masked monster men, the ‘’Gwar light’’ from Finland released a new album. And of course the title is, as always, a very cool word play. They say, sex sells, let’s see if the world is ready to get sexorcised. Twelve years after their major success and the win of the Eurovision song contest, the band isn’t tired to put on their best monster suit and rock the world. So aren’t the fans. How could they? Who else would be able to deliver songs with titles like „Romeo Ate Juliet’’, „Sodomesticated Animal’’ „Polterchrist’’ or „The Beast Is Yet To Cum’’. The new album sounds like a sick porn movie. But of course you need to understand the sarcasm behind these songs. Lordi is doing this at its best, mixing classic rock (Alice Cooper style) with modern elements and the world famous Finnish touch. I’m quite sure `Sexorcism’ will get the fans a hard on. It would be cool to see them do something similar like the Eurovision song contest again, I’m sure they would win again. Wake up your inner nymphomaniac monster and be ready to get sexorcised.


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