LOVELL’S BLADE-Stone Cold Steel

Into The Limelight Records

Singer Pete Lovell moved from England to The Netherlands to be the vocalist for the group Emergency that released their CD ‘Martial Law’ somewhere in 1989. Lovell stayed in The Netherlands and became the singer for Picture with whom he recorded several albums (amongst them ‘Eternal Dark’, one of the bands finest efforts). It was a bit of a surprise that about a year ago Lovell resigned from Picture to start his own group Lovell’s Blade. The guitarists Mike Ferguson and Andre Wullems both had been active with Picture as well and joined up as did bass player Patrick Velis and drummer Noel van Eersel. A couple of months after starting out the band was already snapped up by Dutch label Into The Limelight (who have also provided a home for other Dutch bands like Martyr and Vandale) and the band also struck a deal for the North American territory with Divebomb Records (that has official copies of Emergency’s ‘Martial Law’ on offer as well, should you be interested in that one). All systems go for Lovell’s Blade and ‘Stone Cold Steel’ is their first attack containing ten melodic hard rock songs including a few more balladesque tunes (,,Into The Sun’’ and ,,As Much As I Can’’)  but also some songs that pull the band in the direction of melodic heavy metal (like the fierce and up tempo rocker,,Out For Blood’’). So this is basically a CD that should appeal to a rather large rock audience as Lovell’s Blade can’t be shoved into a one dimensional musical style or approach. Robust rockers like ,,Dynamite’’, ,,Legend In A Day’’, ,,Rise And Fall’’ and ,,Devil’s Daughter’’ will make you very aware that this outfit has got its shit together. A strong rhythm section, two inventive guitarists who come up with blasting riffs and who sound ‘together’ and a well experienced singer who puts it across with ease and power. It is a product from The Netherlands that will raise some eyebrows if the right promotion, advertising and touring is provided. ‘Stone Cold Steel’ is a great calling card for this young formation that is still developing, even though they all are seasoned musicians. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for these guys.


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