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Do I have to introduce Machine Head? If you’re a metal head and haven’t heard from the Oakland based band, you’re either deaf or have slept during the past 27 years. Mastermind Robb Flynn is thrashing the riffs since 1991 and released masterpieces like ‘Burn My Eyes’ and ‘The More Things Change’. In the mid 2000’s, when a lot of his genre compatriots started to disappear, it was kind of a turning point for Machine Head as well. But the band wasn’t ready to vanish at all, instead they composed epic albums like ‘Through The Ashes Of Empires’ and ‘The Blackening’. All of a sudden 8 minute long songs started to make sense again and Machine Head pushed themselves into a category of bands like Dream Theater who can do a headline show without any need of supporting acts. Now the new year has started and I’m sure a lot of amazing albums will be released. Robb Flynn and his friends won’t hesitate to set the bar already to an extremly high level. ‘Catharsis’ is going back to shorter songs again but not less effective. It contains all the trademarks that the band has perfected the past almost three decades they are in the industry. Riffs, melodies, neckbreakers, beats, it is all there. 15 songs that will get into the top list of every Machine Head fan with no problem. Machine Head fans won’t be disappointed at all and even the newbies will recognize who‘s the king. Machine fucking Head will for sure rule 2018 and beyond.


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