They are one of the longest lasting and finest melodic rock bands that Germany ever produced. In the early eighties singer/guitarist Michael Voss started this group with guitarist Jurgen Breforth, drummer Axel Kruse and bass player Roland Bergmann. With this line up Mad Max produced eleven CD’s/albums, a couple of EP’s and singles plus a compilation album before Bergmann left the group somewhere in 2015 and was being replaced by  Thomas ‘Hutch’ Bauer. ‘35’ is the first CD recorded in a different line-up. It is not that Mad Max has not had a few years off or so, they did have some breaks. But the members never rested on their laurels. Especially Michael Voss kept going with the bands Casanova and more recently with Wolfpakk, Rock Wolves and Phantom 5 and he has turned himself into a popular producer for the last handful Michael Schenker albums. Still, I believe that deep in his heart Mad Max is and always will be the first love of Michael Voss. With this group it all started for him. Mad Max has always been a guarantee for excellent melodic heavy rock with plenty of guitars, up tempo beats, sensitive ballads and good and accessible song material. ‘35’ is not different and does not disappoint. The album packs a punch on a very regular basis (,,Already Gone’’, ,,Running To Paradise’’, ,,Goodbye To You’’), has plenty of variation (,,Rocky Road’’ is a ballad with  more or less autobiographical lyrics) and feels ‘familiar’. The band sounds just as inspired as on any album ever released by them, Voss sings great and is by now so experienced that he knows best how to make Mad Max sound at their best. ‘35’ is the latest fine sounding opus of one of the most underrated German rock bands ever.


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