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Marty Friedman has always been one of my favourite guitar pickers and I must confess that I have all his albums, my favourites being ‘Loudspeaker’, ‘Dragon’s Kiss’, ‘Scenes’ and ‘True Obsessions’. Now the shred master releases a superb live album, which was recorded during the final show of the last Friedman Tour in Mexico City. ‘One Bad M.F. Live’ is a metal blast and a treat for metal guitar lovers, featuring 14 amazing tracks that compromises almost every period of Friedman’s career. Unfortunately some of Marty’s more subtle, melodic and reserved guitar playing on albums like ‘Scenes’ or ‘Introduction’ cannot be heard on this album. But, there is lots to enjoy, take for example the first single of this album ,,Whiteworm” or the heavy opening tracks ,,Streetdown” [from ‘Loudspeaker’], ,,Elixer” or ,,Amagigoe”, a Japanese cover of Friedman’s ,,Tokyo Jukebox’, which are all awesome. However the definite guitar highlights of this album are: ,,The Mutation Medley”, featuring ,,Torpedo Of Souls”, ,,Asche Zu Asche”, ..My Oh My” and “Forbidden City” [magical], ,,The Ripped Medley” [a.o. ,,Champions Of The World” and ,,More Than A Feeling”] and ,,Dragon Mistress” from Friedman’s debut album ‘Dragon’s Kiss’, released in 1988. Friedman really plays his ass off and he is assisted by Kiyoshi [bass guitar], Jordan Ziff [guitar] and Chargeeee on drums. If you like metal guitar playing at its best, then this is a must have album, probably one of the best guitar albums of this decade, and do not forget to play it f…… loud! Friedman rules!!!


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