Maryann Cotton Cover


El Puerto Records/Soulfood

It is a bit surprising to find former King Diamond and Mercyful Fate bass player Hal Patino making an appearance as a member of Las Vegas, USA based rock group Maryann Cotton, a formation that is composed around singer Maryann Cotton who sounds exactly like he could be the son of Alice Cooper. On the fourth CD of this four piece glam rock group the material is pretty predictable at times. All the ingredients of the glam rock are there: some up tempo one dimensional sounding rockers, a few cheesy ballads and a song that actually shows that if they put their minds to it Maryann Cotton does have a certain quality. It is a pity for us that only the eight minute track ,,My Own Way’’ is a really top notch performance. The song has epic features and even the singing is okay. So it is hard to understand why the bulk of the other songs are stuck in cliché’s, sound one dimensional or are at times cheesy and soppy when the real quality of Maryann Cotton is being displayed in ,,My Own Way’’. Maybe in the future a bit less hairspray and a bit more focussing on the qualities that obviously are there but hardly shown on this CD that also has a length of just over half an hour. If you are into Alice Cooper and glam rock maybe ‘Hallelujah’ could be something for you. For me Maryann Cotton has shown just a glimpse of what is in store and a lot of something we have heard a thousand times before.

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