Albumcover Maverick Big Red



Young band Maverick, hailing from Belfast/Northern Ireland, recalls all those great memories you might have of the good old melodic hardrock, big hair and arena rock era that showed its peak in the late eighties until the mid-nineties. Maverick’s brand new second studio cd `Big Red’ is definitely a treat if you love to bang your head and go wild on catchy hooks, pumping rhythms, a big rock sound and the rebellious attitude of a band like Skid Row. Singer David Balfour shows some Sebastian Bach vocal similarities for sure but he also has his own signature. So yes, this dude has the right sound, vocal strength and sex appeal to get the crowd rocking with songs like opener ,,All For One’’, ,,Free’’ and ,,Renegade’’. Besides the convincing performance of Balfour, the in total 11 songs display good, melodic guitar riffs, fiery guitar solos and cool melodic licks, delicious dirty bass tunes and steady drum beats and last but not least: good songs. `Big Red’ has an old school, nostalgic vibe, sounds diverse and makes a grumpy mood disappear. Maverick has been touring with Swedish rockers The Poodles, which led to Jakob Samuel, lead singer of The Poodles, featuring in the fantastic track ,,Asylum’’. Another song that stands out is ,,The One’’, which could be an instant radio hit and the ballad ,,Fly Away’’ is a beautiful closure of a strong album!


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