‘Reborn’ was the sixth Stryper album, released in 2005 and rumour has it that this was supposed to be a Michael Sweet solo album…..

Now, sixteen years later, Michael Sweet releases ‘Reborn Again’, a re-recorded version of the notorious ‘Reborn’ album. This “new” Michael Sweet album (but not really of course) features the same songs as on the ‘Reborn’ album, but then again as re-recorded versions with some new added guitar solos, more rhythm guitars, synths, and some typical Michael Sweet high vocal notes. The song ,,IGWT” (In God We Trust), which is on ‘Reborn’, is not featured here but instead you can “enjoy” an alternate version of the song ,,Passion”. Sad but true, to me, ‘Reborn Again’ is an utterly redundant album and I really do not understand why mister Sweet releases it….



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