AOR Heaven

Midnite City is a new outfit being led by singer/guitarist Rob Wylde who is also active in Tigertailz and in earlier days Teenage Casket Company. With this group that further consists of drummer Pete Newdeck (also active in Tainted Nation and on this CD responsible for a clear and powerful production), lead guitarist Miles Meakin and keyboarder Shawn Charvette, Wylde comes up with a musical cocktail between AOR, melodic rock, a tiny bit of pop and some glam rock as well. There are plenty of sharp edges on the guitar parts but most of the arrangements and sounds are very smooth indeed. Especially the many back ground vocal harmonies give the record quite an accessible character from time to time. As for the material itself, well, as everything is written by Wylde it might be an idea for the future to seek some help/assistance in that department as for most of the time the record sounds very cliché as we are talking about build up and to be quite clear Rob Wylde is also a singer with a certain amount of limitations. Not that he has an utterly boring voice or something like that but for this genre it is a bit mediocre. Still there are some moments to be cherished on this record like the bittersweet ballad ,,Everything You Meant To Me’’, so it is not like this CD has nothing on offer. But compared with groups like Seven or Vega (also a band that Rob Wylde was involved with for a while) it is fair to say that Midnite City does not completely cut the mustard with their debut.


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