Pure Steel Records

The German label Pure Steel is not afraid to give ‘veteran’ bands a new lease on life. Not only the Dutch band Picture has found a new home as did Weapon UK, also the former NWOBHM formation Millennium, hailing from the UK has received a spot on the roster for their 3rd CD. This group was once part of that famous metal movement in the UK in the early eighties but after one album and some demo tapes folded in 1988 only to resurrect in 2016 when they were asked to perform on a festival in Newcastle followed by their 2017 album ‘Awakening’. Looking at the band picture it is clear that these boys are from that NWOBHM period: t-shirts, jeans, leather jacket, as if time has been standing still. That has not been the case of course but also in a musical sense Millennium cherishes that so fruitful and exciting period. The ten songs sound very much in that vein, hard edged guitars, reasonably simple sounding and constructed songs, slightly modernised and updated with some current metal influences. Okay to hear, but were Picture and Weapon UK have managed to create interesting albums I must admit that ‘A New World’ is pretty monotonous, also because vocalist Mark Duffy does not have a lot of vocal technique at his disposal. It basically means that ‘A New World’ is a record that does not really make a lasting impression. Not saying that the record is beyond par but it lacks certain ingredients that make ‘A New World’ stand out and be able to compete with all those other veteran bands out there.

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