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Arising Empire

Running away from the darkness and madness in their lives, four stray cats found each other in a dark alley of the Swedish underground scene and bonded as Mister Misery early 2018. The young musicians translated their misery into ten very appealing sounding songs, which feature on the well self-produced debut `Unalive’

I can’t help it, but right from the opening track ,,The Blood Waltz’’ Mister Misery’s sound of despair has quite a hold on me and doesn’t let go until the ending notes of the last song ,,Live While You Can’’. The music has a mesmerizing vibe that pleasantly creeps under your skin and lets be honest, what is not to like here? Harley Vendetta [vocals/guitars], Alex Nine [guitars], Eddie Crow [bass] and Rizzy [drums] not only look hotter than hot in their vampy-inspired outfits, but they also prove to be skilled musicians and songwriters, who delivered a bunch of super cool, fresh sounding metal songs. Harley vocally fits the doom, gloom, rebelliousness, craziness and sexiness of the music and lyrics perfect. He has a distinct vocal sound and has a theatrical, sometimes almost maniacal approach; he also sounds sturdy and masculine, but at the same time tons of emotions, that apparently are coming from deep within, shine through. Every song is build out of strong and smart vocal melodies and I have no doubt that all these hooks, haunting choruses and choice of words will win over the blackened hearts of many other misfits as well. Mister Misery wears make-up but the guys are no sissy dolls at all. On the contrary, they play firm, heavy loaded music with an aggressive edge and even punch you real in the face with a track like ,,Legion’’. The compositions are driven by gritty guitar riffs but at the same time a high dose of melody comes in when Harley and Alex play great sounding [twin] metal guitar melodies and solos on a frequent base, which are definitely indispensable components on `Unalive’ as well. I love the spooky elements that pop up and the carnival like rhythms and deadly grooves make it all even more twisted. In between all of that the guys are not afraid to add some modern and pop like elements and to display a glimpse of hope. Mister Misery is a surprising new act that managed to brew its own sound on their debut, which isn’t easy these days.  

I can only say that Mister Misery’s ride to crazy town is a hell of a ride and I loved every minute of it. Don’t hesitate and do the same! Although in my book there are no weak songs on this album, my instant favourites are: ,,The Blood Waltz’’, ,,Tell Me How’’, ,,My Ghost’’, ,,Rebels Calling’’ and ,,Stronger’’.

Harley Vendetta and Alex Nine personal HBLS Hotlist on Spotify news flash here

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