MOONSORROW-Jumalten Aika

Century Media Records

Five years of silence since Moonsorrow released their last album. Now they are back with what looks like an EP if you just count the songs. The thing is, the shortest of the five tracks is 12 minutes long, so it is an epic pagan metal blast for your ears. The band who celebrated its 20th anniversary last year definitely know how to deliver high class tunes. This is not an album which you can listen to on the side while doing your laundry or preparing a fine meal. This album draws your full attention from the beginning to the end. The more you listen to it, the more tiny little musical elements can be heard. It feels like you are being transfered to cold and ancient Finland with a battle axe in one hand and a cut-off head in the other. Don’t get me wrong, you should not slaughter anyone while listening tot he new Moonsorrow album (please don’t), but as a fan of the band you will get exactly what you were looking for, I promise you that.


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