MORITZ-About Time Too


About four years the English AOR band Moritz has been working on ‘About Time Too’. This band was already active some 30 years ago but failed to make a mark and disbanded after a few years. Some members started the band If Only while singer Peter Scallan joined the formation Samson. On this CD the band presents 13 songs although the title track is just a short intro. This self-produced CD uncovers a band that obviously has had some series matters of the heart as the bulk of the lyrics deals with relationships, break ups, broken hearts etcetera. A bit on the soppy side if you ask me. The music is very eighties AOR with smooth keyboards, beefed up guitars and a singer, in the person of Peter Scallan, who is experienced and knows how to bring it across. Best song on the CD is the beautiful ballad ,,You Don’t Know What Love Is’’ but there are also several songs that are not so impressive like the very predictable tune ,,Take It On The Chin’’. ‘About Time Too’ is, when you take everything into consideration, a very decent AOR CD but then decent CD’s are ten a penny these days. Several original members of this band now play in Cats In Space, a band that has a bit more adventure in their music. Something that this album does not have all the time.


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