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Kicking some more serious ass with their seventh album are the loud mouth, car and rock and roll loving German rockers of Motorjesus. After their not to be missed live-release ‘Live Resurrection’ singer Chris Birx, guitarist Andy Peters, bass player Dominik Kwasny and drummer Adam Borosch first welcomed new guitarist Patrick Wassenberg to the clan, wrote songs and dived into the studio once again with Swedish mastermind Dan Swanö to record another chapter in an history that started out almost twenty years ago. Motorjesus have always been about driving and energetic kick ass rock and roll and putting the pedal in full throttle and that is exactly what ‘Hellbreaker’ is all about. No ballads, no pussy footing around and just full steam ahead. Every now and then switching very slightly to a more punk rock approach (,,Dead Rising’’) the way things work for this band is to keep it simple and above all loud and aggressive. ‘Hellbreaker’ is like a wild ride in a sort of a rollercoaster where there are no stops or no chances to catch your breath.

From starter ,,Drive Through Fire’’ via the blasting title track until the ultra-fast killer song ,,Back To The Bullet’’ there is no rest for the wicked. One sided music? Maybe a bit but the aggression and enthusiasm of Motorjesus is not to be ignored either and it is all well executed. Only the short closer ,,The Outrun’’ seems a bit of a strange manner to end the fierce proceedings, as it is a short and very subtle instrumental, but hey, you need this one just to cool down after this wild race. This is an album that needs to be taken to the stage.



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