nevaria-finally free

NEVARIA-Finally Free

Dr. Music Records

Nevaria hail from Bayreuth, Germany and is the new outfit of former Dawn Of Destiny singer Tanja Schneider. This five piece band offers on their first record a cocktail of symphonic rock that has the very necessary metal elements in the mix as well, mainly provided by guitarist Kim Wolfel and rhythm section Kevin Deese (bass) and Alexander Dhalen (drums). Their input forms a nice contrast with the silky sounding keyboards of Markus Splethaler and the angelic and in some cases high pitched voice of Tanja. Especially the metal element is an ingredient that gives several songs a necessary boost and in some songs also a more robust male voice pipes up (,,Leaving You’’). All of that put together makes sure that ‘Finally Free’ does have some variety in sound and character. To say that the eleven songs on ‘Finally Free’ move borders would be beside the truth as the influences of bands like Within Temptation etcetera are there, but at least the heavy guitars in songs like ,,Raise Your Fist’’ and the riffs played on several other tracks give this album strength and power. For a debut album ‘Finally Free’ is certainly not a disappointment, far from, but it would have helped if on the vocal front Tanja in future could work on bringing more power to the table as now at some moments she lacks a bit of that. Still, for fans of the genre an album that should not be ignored although the competition in the genre is fierce.

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