OTEP-Generation Doom

Napalm Records

Who says that there aren’t any kick ass women in the metal scene ? Yes, you are right, there are not enough for sure, but the ones who established themselves with blood, sweat and tears are all there to stay, forever. One of them is the power-tornado Otep Shamaya, who came out of nothing with a big bang with their debut record ‘Sevas Tra’ back in 2002. Now 14 years later, the whole music industry has changed, differend trends are hip these days, a genre that once got called Nu-Metal is dead.It is 2016, no room for boundaries, time for heavy metal to unite, time for the ‘Generation Doom’. Otep delivers a fresh and neckbreaking soundtrack to the 2016 metal society. No time for romantic happenings, this is hardcore pornography, melted into music. On top of it, the angry little lady who makes you cry and smile at the same time. Cry because you can’t stand the constant pain of the sound drilling into your head and make your ears bleed and smile because hell yes….it is exactly what you want and need…..


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