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OZ-Forced Commandments

Massacre Records

The 8th studio album of Finnish heavy metal rockers Oz is a no surprise album as all the tracks are powerful classic heavy metal ones, filled with roaring guitars, fast solos, catchy lyrics and choruses and high-pitched vocals. Oz blends Coheed and Cambria with Judas Priest and UDO and produce a straight up metal album with sometimes elements of prog rock/metal. Opening track ,,Going Down” and follow up ,,Prison Of Time” are perfect examples of Oz’s musical style, being: bombastic traditional metal with alt the well-known characteristics. The first really stand out track is called ,,Switchblade Alley”, featuring an awesome melody, excellent guitar solos and killer riffs galore; this is definitely the best track of the entire album and the lyrics are a “comment” on drugs and other addictions. ,,Spiders”, actually sounds like Helloween at times and ,,Long And Lonely Road” is the obligatory power ballad. ,,Diving Into Darkness” ends this album and that one is another highlight, rather diverse and truly epic metal. All in all you can say that Oz produced a punchy metal album with lots of pace, power and melody. Not really an earthshaking album, but very well produced and I have to say that the guitar work is awesome.

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