PANORAMA-Around The World

Rock Of Angels Records

Panorama is a band that exists of musicians that are all involved with different bands. I think it is safe to say that it is another ‘project’ by musicians with some time on their hands. Panorama exists of singer Christian Palin (Random Eyes), drummer Philipp Eichenberger (Gods Of Silence), Amoral guitarist Ben Varon, guitarist Sammy Lasagni (Gods Of Silence) and bassist Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69 and the main man behind Khymera) who as expected has also taken care of production and mixing of this record, making sure everything sounds up to scratch. The excellent production that Dennis Ward has provided has helped this record quite handsomely. The performance of the music cannot be faulted either. You can hear that Panorama is an experienced and talented bunch. ‘Around The World’ might not be able to escape a cliché or two style and song writing wise, but efforts like the melodic ballad ,,The Highest Mountain’’, the rocker ,,Standing My Ground’’, the riff based ,,The Other Side’’ and ,,Gates Of Babylon’’ are all songs that pull the level of the CD further up. Vocalist Palin shows a more melodic site of himself in comparison with his work with Random Eyes. If you are into bands like Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle, Raintimes and Romeo Riot for instance ‘Around The World’ will please you. Personally I would have like to have a little more of stability in the quality of the songs as there are a few tracks that sound very ordinary. But like I said, the bulk of the CD has some good quality melodic heavy rock to offer, so a thumbs up for Panorama is defendable.


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