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Although Passion is supposed to be a real band with a four piece line-up singer Daniel Rossall (also known as Lion Ravarez, his artist name) is the man who recorded and produced the first Passion album by himself. Most of the instruments he laid down himself. Although the whole album lacks any kind of originality I don’t mind it at all. This record is a pure tribute to the great eighties and nineties rock bands. It is ballsy, it rocks hard, it has got blistering guitar solos and Rossall sings his heart out, yes, he has put a lot of untamed passion in the whole product. Opener ,,Intensity’’ is driven by a riff that could have come out of the guitar of George Lynch in his Dokken days while ,,She Bites Hard’’ would fit on any AC/DC album. And you will recognise a lot of other familiar influences on the whole album. But hey, I prefer a good copycat above a shitty original any day, so I had quite a good time with the furious Rossall leading the way with his passionate singing and at times quite excellent songs like ,,Trespass On Love’’ (would have been perfect on a Danger Danger album). Passion brings back that familiar USA rock feeling and does that with mucho gusto. If you are looking for that feeling this album will oblige. Like I said, I don’t mind this at all as the whole uncomplicated set up and the balls to the wall execution does have something. A lot of reviewers will most likely have nothing but negativity in store for Passion but not this old dude!

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