pennywise never gonna die

PENNYWISE-Never Gonna Die

Epitaph Records

If you talk about American punk bands besides Bad Religion, The Offspring, NOFX and others, you also talk about Pennywise. Every nineties kid knows „Bro Hymn“. If you have never heard about this song, google it before continue reading. One of the most hard working bands in the business is back with new music. How does the new album sound? Well, how do you want it to sound? Pennywise has created a remarkable and recognizable sound. Combined with Jim Lindberg‘s voice, you will hear Pennywise immediately. So again, how do you want the new album to sound? Exactly… one gives a shit about experiences or changes in the sound. We want the speed, we want the riffs, we want Pennywise. And even though sticking to their guns, they don’t repeat their songwriting over and over again. I feel like living in the nineties again, cruising around with my skateboard in the sun, don’t give a shit about anything. Thank you Pennywise for giving me this feeling back.


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