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PIKES EDGE-All Of Our Beauty

Hamner Music

If you like heavy, energetic, dynamic, melodic (death) metal I would like to recommend to take notice of `All Of Our Beauty’, the new, second CD of Pikes Edge. This band from Munich produce a heavy sound, loaded with great guitar melodies and double harmonies, which are the most important seasonings of this album. Guitar tandem Lukas (besides singer Pike, the main songwriter) and Marin are responsible for the well performed and arranged, melodic metal eruptions on their 6-string and they attack the listener whenever they can. The canvas for `All Of Our Beauty’ consists of heavy, yet sparkling, guitar riffs and energetic, speedy drum and bass rhythms, which are also groovy and headbang proof. The fat almost sludge sounding riffs of openings track ,,Denial Of Service’’ give a good impression of what this band is all about. Just like his band mates, singer Pike is searching for a well-balanced contrast between an aggressive and a more melodic attitude, by combining growls and grunts with `normal singing’. I must honestly say Pike sounds at his best in the raw and aggressive vocal parts. Pikes Edge is not a band that presents new ground breaking music but these musicians definitely serve a more than good and furious piece of musical energy that slightly reminds of bands like Soilwork, Nevermore and In Flames (to name a few). Their performance is tight, enthusiastic and well played and these guys know their skills both as musicians as well as songwriters. U.D.O. bass player Fitty Wienhold is responsible for guiding all the ideas into a clear and tight production and he made sure the metal aspect is very much present. The excellent mixing and mastering is done in the Swedish Bohus Sound Studios (known for In Flames, At The Gates and Deathstars). During the 9 songs the band keeps the pedal to the metal, fired up by compelling, screaming guitar melodies and hooks and there are just a few moments here and there you will hear the band in a more calm performance, like in the more theatrical ,,Tides Of Time’’ and the more open sounding closure ,,Oldboy’’. A good album to get the blood circulated at full speed.

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