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PRIMAL FEAR-Metal Commando

Nuclear Blast Records

After a 22 year career German power metal “gods” Primal Fear release their 13th album called ‘Metal Commando’ and of course you know what you can expect: true power metal with high-pitched vocals, double bass drums, merciless hooks and huge refrains. In other words: German metal up your ass with no musical surprises whatsoever; but of course the fans do not want surprises from these heavy metal veterans. ‘Metal Commando’ opens with ,,I Am Alive”, featuring galloping rhythms, the recognizable falsetto voice of super vocalist Ralf Scheepers and a very catchy chorus. Follow up ,,Along Came The Devil”, is a groove monster with obvious Judas Priest influences and a very melodic guitar solo. ,,My Name Is Fear” is a great power metal anthem, while ,,I Will Be Gone” is the resting point of the album, being the obligatory ballad. ‘Metal Commando’ ends with the most flamboyant Primal Fear song ever, being the epic monster ,,Infinity”, which clocks just over 13 minutes. The fans will love this album although there is nothing new under the Primal Fear sun. ‘Metal Commando’ is a power metal blast but I think that Mat Sinner and Co. maybe are running out of ideas regarding new music, as many of the riffs and melodies on this album sound SO familiar and maybe even too recycled….. However, power metal aficionados will not care about this and will buy and enjoy this album for sure. Play it LOUD and keep on banging them heads till they drop.

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