Prong Zero Days

PRONG-Zero Days

Steamhammer SPV

Do Tommy Victor and Prong need any introduction? If so, you have closed your ears for the last three decades in rock and metal music. With a short break between 1997 to 2002, the band is active since 1989 and has influenced many iconic artists such as Korn’s Jonathan Davis or Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor. Being also busy with main Misfit Glenn Danzig as the bands lead guitarist, Tommy Victor is currently in a productive phase like he was in the early days of Prong. Since 2014, he is releasing new music every single year. After the world is still celebrating the last masterpiece `X (No Absolutes)’, there is barely time to breathe to get the next gift by the man himself.
`Zero Days’ is Prong’s statement in 2017 and it comes with the fans favourite trademarks. Neck breaking riffs and Tommy’s voice. Lets see how the unstoppable riff machine will walk on in 2017 and beyond. One thing is certain, these brand new songs will be amazing live so you better catch them on tour and be ready for 2018, I’m sure Prong are recording new songs already…


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