PSYCHOPUNCH-Greetings From Suckerville

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Frequently I read the ‘shout from the studio’ blog reports in the exclusive section of our webzine. Checking in and sharing the burdens and challenges of recording, Psychopunch’ Jarmo Mäkkeli managed to grab my attention every time. Funny, somewhat blunt, he highlighted a different side of musicians’ life. It triggered me to check in their brand new album `Greetings From Suckerville’, with which the band circles back to their original sound and bite, with original drummer Johan Karlsson reuniting with the group. Going full circle, is also emphasized in its title referring to their debut featured song ,,Goodbye Suckerville”. We at HeadBangers LifeStyle visit Suckerville…….

Psychopunch delivers their 100% organic and turbo charged cocktail to the world’s mosh pits. `Greetings from Suckerville’ leaves little to no room for discussing and its title aligns with the band’s energetic psycho rockabilly. Full speed ahead with thunderous drums and slapping bass, hard driving metal guitars, and roaring vocals the band spits dirt off the bat. 14 tracks, short-lived, pointy and driven are fired upon the listener with no holds barred. Great turmoil immediately unloads in the gritty Motörhead-ish ,,Shut Your Fucking Mouth”, which raises the stakes. Back is the grit, back is the on point blunt track-cycle. Party crackers that will set every rock joint on fire. Not entirely original, but executed with flair and persistence. There’s an urge packed in the grit spitting tracks, making them standout in the genre. A little twist in the explosive cocktail that ads value. Take a big shot of Motörhead loudness and Sex Pistol punk speed, mix it up with throbbing Stray Cats bass ‘n beat, spice it all with slick nesting choruses and pointy melodies, and pour it out in a glass of Sons Of Anarchy gang swagger. Perfect example are the punk ’n roll fist puncher ,,I’ll Be Home Tonight”, ,,Raise Your Glass” and ,,Tell Me Everything”, the sturdy driven ,,City’s On Fire”, an anger packed ,,Over You”, as where ,,Liar” spits even more ravishing anger with subdued melancholy. It is tight, it is rocking, and it is perfectly executed. Personal favourites are the melodic riff driven ,,Scream Your Little Heart Out” and the excellently styles melodic ,,Love”. The bass opened ,,Crash Landing” has a comfortable edge with Jarmo pulling from a different register. ,,I Don’t Need A Broken Heart” pursues the same path before spitting gravel.

`Greetings From Suckerville’ is a widely appealing rock album with punky attitude and sophisticated melodies. It has intense speed and breathes honesty, over turmoil spitting musical craftsmanship. Blunt at times, more intense occasionally. But overall it will have your fists in the air and raising glasses while the BBQ’s flames shoot up and girls are dancing. Start your engines!

You can find Jarmo’s studioblogs here 

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