Q5-New World Order

Frontiers Music srl

Another band from the eighties that is making a return to the metal scene. Q5 gave us two records (‘Steel The Light’ and the more polished sounding ‘When The Mirror Cracks’) before breaking up. Founder/guitarist Floyd Rose concentrated on his business (he invented the Floyd Rose tremolo which prevents guitars from going out of tune while you use the tremolo), while singer Jonathan Scott K and guitarist Rick Pierce continued with the band Nightshade. They recorded two albums as far as I can remember in the style of Q5 but with a rougher production and sound. A little while ago the band reunited but without Rose. His replacement is the recently acquired Dennis Turner. New is also drummer Jeffrey McCormack. From the original line-up Pierce and Jonathan Scott K are present as is bass player Evan Sheeley. Q5 launches a full frontal attack with the fourteen tracks on ‘New World Order’. The album is clearly in the style of ‘Steel The Light’, guitar driven melodic metal tracks with a shitload of heavy guitars and singer Jonathan Scott K who sounds just as rough as in his early days. He sometimes reminds me of the late great Bon Scott. There is hardly time to breath as the band races through up tempo tracks like ,,Fear Is The Killer’’, ,,Tear Up The Night’’, ,,One Night In Hellas’’, ,,The Right Way’’, ,,Get Next To You’’ or ,,Mach Opus 206’’ (instrumental track). And when Q5 decides to take the pace down a step the power takes over in the tracks ,,Halfway To Hell’’, ,,A Prisoner Of Mind’’ or ,,New World Order’’. So if you are in the mood for a good piece of old fashioned guitar driven melodic heavy metal I can recommend this CD to you. Been playing it for a while now and it just keeps growing on me!


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