Frontiers Music srl

This UK based three piece outfit started out in 2014 but has done a lot of touring in the short existence of the band. They have supported Deep Purple, Slash, Joe Satriani and Blues Pills and released an EP called ‘Breaking Out’ in 2015. The main man is guitarist/singer Oli Brown who started the band together with bass player Aaron Spiers. Drummer Adam Breeze joined in 2016. English press articles have already described RavenEye as a mix between Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. That is maybe because of the sound of Oli Brown’s voice perhaps. Musically I hear a lot of blues influences in the music but the group mainly can be seen as a crossover between heavy rock and blues rock. The eleven tracks were recorded in the United States by producer Warren Riker. He and RavenEye have managed to put a more than interesting CD together. The record is heavy, versatile, has some really excellent songs and is very cohesive. I have not heard any weak moments at all with the tracks ,,Walls’’, ,,Hero’’., ,,Inside’’ , ,,Oh My Love’’ (based around an hallucinating riff with some great sound effects as well) and the subtleness of ,,Eternity’’ being the most appealing in my opinion. Yet again this year we meet another young and very exciting band from good old England (although Spiers hails from Australia). If you are into the above mentioned bands but also into for instance Rival Sons, it might be a clever move to give some love and attention to these boys.


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