RED FANG-Only Ghosts


Stoner Rock is dead, long live stoner rock. There is definitely a life after cult bands like Kyuss. Red Fang from Portland, Oregon turn their amps up to eleven and deliver one fist after the other into our stomachs. Unfortunately not very well known to the big crowds so far, the boys mark their way up to where they belong. Listening to the album is great, but to see them live is way, way better. Where else can you experience a guitar sound like that? In front of a PA of course, banging your head and breaking your neck! Ten songs straight from the balls into your face, authentic as hell, they sound on album as they sound live. Since the band is only play on eleven, you have to crank up your stereo as well and listen to `Only Ghosts’ together with your neighbours, as they can’t avoid it anymore. Melodic and direct in your face, music made to stay, forever and always.


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