REECE-Resilient Heart

Mighty Music

Singer David Reece has been back in the picture the last number of years singing for Bonfire before starting Sainted Sinners with Bonfire guitarist Frank Pane resulting in two excellent classic hard rock albums in the Purple/Van Halen/Whitesnake style receiving excellent critics. The last year or so David Reece has been working on his own material looking for the right record company to support his ideas and dreams. It was former White Lion singer Mike Tramp who advised Reece to have a chat with the people of Tramp’s current record company Mighty Music in Denmark. After meeting with the head honcho of Mighty Music a record deal was signed and the record company advised Reece to team up with some Danish musicians from the band Meridian. The guitarists Marco Angioni and Martin Jespen Andersen came on board with drummer Sigurd J. Jensen and also Reece’s good friend Malte Frederik Burkert from Sainted Sinners joined the proceedings with Angioni taking care of the production. So here it is, ‘Resilient Heart’, officially a solo-CD from David Reece but in reality a product fabricated, recorded and written as a team effort. Do not expect song material that is similar to Sainted Sinners. On ‘Resilient Heart’ there are for sure classic rock influences there, but the general mood is much more based on melodic metal with a few musical side steps. As a whole ‘Resilient Heart’ rocks a lot harder compared to Sainted Sinners and Bonfire with Reece and the record has a more modern sound and approach. The song ,,Two Coins’’ sounds even a bit more alternative perhaps but fits in perfectly with the long epic ballad ,,Forest Through The Trees’’, the very melodic rocker ,,I Don’t Know Why’’ and the ‘in your face’ crunchers ,,Karma’’, ,,Any Time At All’’, ,,Ain’t Got The Balls’’ (based on a monster riff),  ,,Perfect Apocalypse’’ and the straight forward head banger ,,Desire’’. ‘Resilient Heart’ shows us a bit more of the possibilities that David Reece has to offer. These songs have brought out the best in the singer who is like an old wine. Getting better and tastier by age. If you are in the game for a versatile and hard rocking record that offers the best of classic ingredients served up in a modern and aggressive sound, ditto performance and mood I guess that ‘Resilient Heart’ is the one record you can’t afford to miss! It just leaves the question what the future of Sainted Sinners looks like.


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