resurrection kings


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Drummer Vinny Appice has not only connected again with guitarist Vivian Campbell in the group Last In Line (check out their strong debut album ‘Heavy Crown’), he also is working again with guitarist Craig Goldy, the man who became the successor of Vivian Campbell when he left Dio. Joining Appice and Goldy are singer Chas West (Red Dragon Cartel) and bass player Sean McNabb (Great White/Dokken/Quiet Riot). I have already seen articles proclaiming Resurrection Kings as a new ‘super group’, but that might me a bit premature… How many other ex-Dio members will be reuniting in the future I wonder? Anyway, the first efforts of this group are worth checking out. It will not surprise you that the music is in the same style as what Last In Line brought us, good solid classic rock with its roots in the seventies and eighties. I might not be completely fair to compare Resurrection Kings to Last In Line, but there you have it. Last In Line has won the first battle… Their album is a little more consistent than this one. Craig Goldy has always been a very decent player, Appice hits everything in sight and West has a (slightly) high pitched voice with enough power, but some of the songs are just so so. This album does not give me the kick up my ass. The CD is being saved by the musicians with their vast experience and skills. Like I said: the CD is worth checking out, but I had expected a bit more in the song writing department.


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