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People that like their classic melodic rock with Lord/Blackmore type of interplay between keyboards and guitar should do themselves a favour by checking out ‘Nine Lives’. The first CD of the band project Atack. Also have a look at that absolute gorgeous cover-design of the record. Designed by bass player Chris Childs and label owner Khalil Turk.


Who are the players in this new outfit? First, there is composer/guitarist Keith Atack, a rock veteran who has played with many big artists like Bonny Tyler. On bass we have Chris Childs. Now that Thunder is on a hiatus because of the accident singer Daniel Bowes had a while ago, Childs has the time to participate with other projects such as Lonerider, Tyketto and now Atack. He also will be featured on the next Robert Hart album ‘Circus Life’, set for release on January 26, 2024.

Vocalist Lee Small is a true star. Impressive on his own album ‘The Last Man On Earth’ earlier this year but also lead singer for Lionheart, whose new album will be out in February. On keyboards we have Nick Foley, a bloke that is a genius on the Hammond B3 (listen to this album!), while drummer Bob Richards has worked with Asia and Overland. All in all, a bunch of seasoned musicians.


As already mentioned, ‘Nine Lives’ is a melodic classic rock album with at certain moments a bluesy feel as well. The sequence of the songs is perfectly picked and up-tempo, mid-tempo and ballad type of songs make this album extremely enjoyable and varied. Yes, the influence of Deep Purple is there in the interaction between guitars and keys. Lee Small even displays a slight Glenn Hughes-feel in several songs. Listen to that ‘rollin’ keyboards intro of opener ,,Dead Man’s Boots’’, a track that is full of energy and class. Or what about the two top ballads ,,This House’’ and ,,Remember Or Forget Me’’? Just breathtaking if you ask me. The whole album is filled with good songs written by Keith Atack and Lee Small, while the production by Atack is punchy and to the point, also because of the crispy mix by Fredrik Folklare.


In all aspects ‘Nine Lives’ is a top notch product that cannot be faulted at all. It is a must have record for fans of the genre. It has enough originality not to be classified as just a Deep Purple/Rainbow copycat. Although there is a big black cat on the cover….

Release date: 24 November 2023



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