Review | Blind Man’s Daughter – Close Enough to Whisper [Single]

Independent Release

If there’s one thing `Sundressed’ of Blind Man’s Daughter made abundantly clear, it was the high intensity and headstrong diversity administered in their intricate progressive rock songs. Venturing into directions unexplored the band around singer-songwriter Ashley Wolfe keeps pushing boundaries with every song unfolding making `Sundressed’ a record of influence and thrive, now followed by the first offering of their next album, due to be released at the fall of this year. 


What they have cooked up on `Close Enough to Whisper’ stands miles from their powerful debut, yet it is somewhat expected given the high amount of defining influences explored on `Sundressed’. Where the record played in biting jazzy prog metal tone, it also spread wide lyrically attracting with its high sense of astral vibration woven into the structures of the jabbing songs. All songs, how powerful and fierce in their offload of physical turmoil, seemed to (underneath) meander in an ethereal realm of aural vibration tied to the universal resonance. I might be wrong, but the songs channelled into me prior to landing on its rather brutal technical intensity. 

`Close Enough to Whisper’ mines inspiration for the next album and does that in entirely different tone. The song is an ethereal whisper reminiscent to Björk’s ,,Play Dead” hit. It twists and swirls with triphop structures with Wolfe belting out a silent whisper amidst her vocal delivery. The contemporary sound is merged with the ambient structures channelling tone atop emotive pace. Though the music differs from the heavy chops of the debut, the track makes sense in the bigger picture of the musical delivery of Blind Man’s Daughter due to its spiking rock accolades


Whispering in expressive Q&A replicant style, the luminous hushed vocals ebb with sensual and clean pop appeal, not overly dramatized. Deep forays into musical fusion, and a plethora of authentic instrumentation incorporating electronic sound carvings in the surreal surrounding of jazz and rock, heave this dream-rock track. The avantgarde jazz structure pulls forward guitars in clean vibe woven into the tapestry of the song. The nonverbal ooze of `Close Enough to Whisper’ in shines colorful hues.


Traversing the previous mentioned ethereal and spiritual emotions to your silent inner space, Blind Man’s Daughter’s single `Close Enough to Whisper’ touches deep within. The ambiance is comforting and hits your aural frequencies, bridging progressive metal with ambient and new age. It is stunning as much as it is mind bending. It raises the bar for the band’s new album, and certainly raises questions for the exquisitely talented Ashley Wolfe to answer.



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