Review | Caligula’s Horse – Charcoal Grace

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I always liked the name of this prog metal band from Down Under. Seeing the fact that I reviewed the former albums ‘Bloom’ (2015), ‘In Contact’ (2017) and ‘Rise Radiant’ (2020) of Caligula’s Horse for another medium, I was really honored and pleased to review their new sixth album called ‘Charcoal Grace’.


It features only six tracks. At the centre of this amazing album you can enjoy the four-part title track, being a twenty-four-minutes epic prog metal gem. To me this is definitely the best song Caligula’s Horse has ever composed. ,,Charcoal Grace”, the song, is a pure heavy weight prog metal monster packed with impressive guitar hooks, dramatic vocals – Jim Grey really shines here – and lots of atmosphere. This epic suite kicks off with gloomy guitar passages in part 1 called ,,Prey’’. It has it all: huge solos, symphonic elements, quiet, laid-back musical passages and superb metal riffs. This is the ultimate Caligula’s Horse behemoth. The longest song they have ever written and a milestone in the history of this formidable band.


The other tracks are of course also worth listening to. Take for example the ten minutes opener ,,The World Breathes With Me”, featuring light and heavy passages, but most of all after this song you can tell that this is a dark album. Follow up and first single of this album is ,,Golem”. A top notch heavy track packed with breathtaking hooks and pulsating tempos and rhythms.


,,Sails” is the ballad of the album, while ,,The Stormchaser” is again rather heavy. Album closer, clocking in at twelve minutes, ,,Mute” even features some flute, a glorious vocal melody and again lots of orchestration passages.

So, ‘Charcoal Grace’ is truly Caligula’s Horse at their best. Although the influences of bands like Haken, Leprous and Vola are obviously present, these guys definitely have a sound of their own. Check it out if you have never heard of them. If you already know Caligula’s Horse you will be in for a real prog metal treat. Play it LOUD, listening tip: ,,The World Breathes With Me”.

Release date: 26 January 2024



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