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If any album title encapsulates its contents, it’s undoubtedly the latest record by Demon so aptly named ‘Invincible’. The album stands as a testament to the band‘s enduring legacy over their 45-year career, showcasing their longevity and their musical finesse. Led by founding member Dave Hill, Demon has continually pushed the boundaries of the NWOBHM, evolving their hard rocking style while preserving their distinctive sound. ‘Invincible’ is the culmination of this journey, the band’s 14th studio album, and it’s an absolute powerhouse. 


Only a 9-year hiatus splits the band’s long spanning career. The consistency of their classic NWOBHM induced hard rock remains astounding and `Invincible’ proves the band’s influential creativity. Starting with an atmospheric intro brimming with Karl Wayne’s ominous Moog and Hammond keys, ,,In My Blood” immediately commands attention with its powerful dramatic harmonies and progressive sections. The song builds momentum, propelled by a buzzing riff and cascading keys. Throughout, David Cotterill and Paul Hume’s repetitive guitar licks punctuate the foreground, while layers of keys surge ahead amidst a dynamic interplay of pulsating bass and rhythm. 

The harmonized chorus, characterized by its repetitive delivery, adds to the song’s captivating allure. Dave’s vocals are enthralling, his execution elemental, as he alternates between moaning and crooning, delivering powerful soaring accolades building tension. BAM: strike one!


It’s the unmistakable presence of these distinct elements that defines Demon’s identity. Their latest video for ,,Face the Master” serves as compelling evidence of their singular style. With scorching riffs and licks driving the momentum, the deep, droning bass adds a haunting intensity as Hill delves deep to convey the song’s message. His vocal delivery is fierce, pushing his vocal cords to the limit.

The stirring elements and Neil Ogden‘s powerful drum dynamics evoke a classic 70s vibe while the harmonies and pompous standard is reminiscent of Uriah Heep and early Demon (think `The Plague’). The swirling synths underneath add a touch of Hawkwind’s cosmic allure. The presence of Uriah Heep’s whirl is also eminent on the higher paced ,,Beyond Darkness” with its ponderous sound and wonderful guitar interplay. Licks and melodic themes percolate a distinct rich tone, keenly breaking the organic 70s marching tempo and pompous well. The song’s breakdown as benchmark.

Reverting to the classic UK pop rock structures, ,,Break the Spell” blends 60s triple harmonies with classic rock ooze and memorable vocal melodies in glorious tone. Taking a slightly heavier approach, the amalgamation of styles finds its footing in ,,Rise Up”, overflowing with weightier accolades. While the chorus teeters on the edge of cliché, Demon presses onward with a remarkable swagger. The familiar ‘Uuuhs’ and ‘aaaahs’ make a return, showcasing Hill’s knack for effortlessly channelling the essence of 70s classics, mirrored in his mid-range vocal delivery. 


`Breaking the Silence’ kicks forward with power and classic hard rock guitars kicking up the dirt. Riff in reverbing rain, themes and melodies keep returning to the fold with the chorus touching with classic 70s rock, before going into a progressive gigantic overhaul towards its wonderful guitar duel with pitching harmonies and wonderful fretboard runs. The vocals touch with Coverdale at times, excellent. Breaking into the riff driven gloom a song like ,,Ghost from the Past”, with Paul Johnson’s pulsating low end bass and keys raining atop, emulates more of that 70s magnitude. Hill soars and scats his powerful vocals with choruses pack the album-typical harmonies. 

Absolutely stunning is ,,Hole in the Sky” with its opening and daunting (Savatage) lick and swirling organ suddenly shooting into its trudge stance. Building tension gradually the bridge grips with mythical Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake (,,Sailing Ships”) allure and towers with dense string arrangements and Hill belting out his warm vocals, soaring and growling with intense stride. Equally intense is the strumming ,,Cradle to the Grave”, opened with a musical box casting a gloomy shade onto the song’s gruelling tone. Slow and creepy, Hammond and guitar aligned, the song rolls forward powerful. Hill’s vocals touch with Gillan (Deep Purple) while unloading their soulful sear, switching narrative to empower content. Again, the guitars add a wonderful color and style with unexpected themes emulating. 

Moaning and soaring, Dave pitches the title track into action. The bridge rouses stride while the chorus is packed with harmonies before the song reverts to its parading pace. Guitars propelling it and delve into another wonderful solo dueling in contemporary color and tone.


Another standout is the enchanting ,,Forever Seventeen”, where the jagged buzz of guitars intertwines seamlessly with ethereal themes, carried by the song’s lingering momentum. Radiating a sense of comfort, it gracefully returns to its familiar structure, while the vocals evoke a breath of nostalgia. Dave Hill’s rich Coverdale-esque tone, accompanied by his poignant moans, resonates deeply as he pours his heart into reminiscing about his adolescent years, infusing the track with a profound sense of remembrance.

`Invincible’ above everything proves Demon to be literally ‘invincible’. The tracks are meticulously crafted, blending the band’s epic prog elements with impeccable musicianship, providing a robust foundation for Hill’s soulful vocals to shine. With each song, Demon reaffirms their place as stalwarts of the metal scene, delivering yet another unforgettable experience for their fans. Their contemporary Heep-tone inflated elements, the band’s timeless cocktail of rock music is captivating and luxurious in its execution. With Hill bringing his creativity and vocal intensity to the front, Demon affirms its place in hard rock history. INVINCIBLE, no shield needed!

Release date: 17 May 2024



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