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Laying down his drum sticks 4:25 into the new music video ,,Say” of Evergrey, Jonas Ekdahl resigns from the band. Walking up to the camera up front, he crouches down looking straight into the lens to address the fans. His “Thank You” and wave goodbye come with a smile and a wave goodbye. Adding “Thank You for Everything”, he turns around, walks past the band’s instruments and his drumkit to leave the hall, off into the light.


,,Say” is the band’s calling card for the upcoming release `Theories of Emptiness’ [review online soon] and becomes the sincerest send-off of a band member in the history of music. 

Filmed in what appears to be a riding arena for horses, the band performs their song with limited additions and gimmicks. Not the big Uleaus productions of their past. Subtle, with no cinematography. Flags waving in the back, the members in front of the drum kit as if they’re performing the song. No effects, simple and effective. Only fragments of the band, covered in dry plaster, add to the luster of its presentation. Add to the imagery surrounding the album’s lyrical content woven


The song is typical Evergrey. Loud, with powerful groove and heavy guitars, it blends raw elements with trademark memorable hooks and melodies. Tom’s melancholic vocals are drawing the listener into the repetitive chorus that is effective, sticky and instantly nesting. It is melodic topping progressive, with wonderful instrument sections. Close ups of the swirling guitar riffs and solos underline the heavy dominance of the song, while keys rain, or are weld onto the guitar melodies to empower it. 

Jonas’ ploughing progressive prowess adds to the song’s insane groove and heavy discharge. Unlike any other drummer he finds openness between the guitars and bass where he lays his intricate fills. His unconventional timing and polyrhythmic unload are kept low profile of the sonics of ,,Say”, but has to be brought to light as the song unexpectedly displays its deeper meaning.


The music dies out, echoing its repetitive melodic coil. The camera zooms in on the drummer putting his drumsticks together. Ekdahl lies them down on his snare and with the camera zooming out, his surroundings are empty. Only the instruments of his fellow band members left behind, Jonas walks to the front for his final goodbye.

Concluding a legacy of 17 years with the band, in which he previously left to fulfil his dream forming DeathDestruction, Ekdahl mentions the touring became too much for him. He will be involved in the band’s future creation and song writing, rest assured.


Photo by Edwin van Hoof

Following the video’s release Jonas issued the following statement on the band’s media outlets:

“Over the last couple of years, my passion within music has gradually shifted from touring and playing live shows to the creative aspect of being in the studio: writing songs, recording, producing, and mixing. It has reached a point where I no longer find joy and excitement in touring, making it difficult to continue. It has felt like I was traveling away from something rather than toward something whenever we would go out to play. Instead, I want to dedicate my time, focus, and energy to writing, producing, and mixing. Therefore, I will no longer be performing gigs or tours as a drummer.”

“It’s important for me to clarify that the lack of passion for playing live is solely the reason for my decision. It wouldn’t be fair to the band or to myself to continue doing something that doesn’t excite me or bring me happiness. Equally important for me to mention is that I still hold just as much love for the guys in the band as before. They will always be like older brothers to me, having taken me under their wings since I was 17 years old. I have nothing but love and respect for them!”


“It feels like I’m going out with a bang in the most positive sense. I’m so proud of what the five of us have accomplished together with ‘Theories Of Emptiness’. The album truly feels special in so many ways and I hope that it will translate and resonate with you guys just as much as it does to me, and, I will still be involved in Evergrey in terms of songwriting and production.”

“With all this being said, we have an incredible drummer ready to take over for me in 2024, and I can’t wait to hear and see him play! He’s truly exceptional, and I’m sure you’ll love him because behind the drums, he’s a beast!

“Thank you, thank you for everything!”


Gothenburg's [Sweden] finest export of darkness, led by founder, singer and guitarist Tom S. Englund.
Active since 1995.


Progressive, heavy melodic metal




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