Review | Extreme – Rise – Video


2023 makes up for a whole pandemic just by the wonder of music dropping in its first 3 months! Not in the least the commotion is eminent upon Extreme returning to the fold. The funky rockers have recently aired their new video for ,,Rise”, preceding their album `Six’ dropping on June 9. Now it isn’t the regular stir of emotions knocking it out of the ballpark… no, it is the confirmation of many of us already know for decades: the jaw dropping shred expertise of their number one ace Nuno Bettencourt!


The man is a wizard on the fretboard, proven frequently. His involvement in the G3 tours is a statement of his impeccable abilities, as is the high demand for his skills by many artists.

,,Rise” however pushed forward a new term to his expanding resume: The new EVH!

A lot of guitarists are flabbergasted by the duel he singlehandedly injects in the solo segment of Extreme’s brand new single. Bold as brass, the notes are fired upon us at dazzling speed as the man’s fingers fly up and down on the fretboard elegantly. 

Opened by a furious powerful lead riff with his typical rhythm strokes and phrasing, Kevin Figueiredo’s drums scatter over its double kicked ponderous beat with Cherone rapping out the lyrics. Pat Badger’s bass plows the earth with powerful chords and licks. Switching back and forth to back the groove and feed the song’s guitar licks. The dark-ish chorus is rousing with all four participating for the vocal harmonies. Powerful and slick, all in one. A gem for rockers and purists. 


But it’s the riffs and hooks pulling ,,Rise” forward with insanity. Dropping a bombshell melodic lick in between, Nuno displays his keen ear for melody over heaviness. He returns to the Q&A in the post chorus between Nuno’s staccato drops and Gary answering is ambiguous and prompts the solo that drops all jaws. Nuno’s wizardry is indeed astonishing, flexing his fingers ‘round the fretboard and peeling the notes right off. Furious speed, clean in tone. Hammer-ons on fire when he pulls the wiggle stick of his Washburn to break into the next chapter of his solo. He keeps injecting whammy bar pulls into the frisky solo that laments metallic EVH licks

It is fluent and packed with lightning fast executed wizardry, while maintaining the line of the song. It is not just deploying a solo for the spotlights; Nuno’s solo is deeply embedded in the grain of the song’s stride. Until… well, until he starts bending the air with a ‘flight of the bumble bee’ -toned partiture re-enactment of the classic dropping a tone of notes and rich tones on us. Enigmatic, bone dry, with some delicate delay before alternating. The tempo is magnificent with the bass pumping forward and drums grooving like crazy. ‘Uuuuhs’ and ‘aaaahs’ underneath, he finishes drier than ever to delve into the raunchy sterling riff again returning to style with the band dramatizing towards the end. 


The song howls with classic 80s vibe, but is much more modern in tone. Lower vibe and swinging like the butt of a chicken’s on Red Bull. The rousing vocals and squeaks are excellent and scatter between drum and guitar riff. Cherone is on top of his game, but it’s Bettencourt who shreds so fiercely that he does justice to the band name Extreme. The setting is dark onstage, with a cross lit in the background. Almost Clair obscure, the lighting is like a Rembrandt painting coming to life. It’s tasteful and adds to the build towards the album release, also coming in slick black with a Gorilla glazing at you. 

But yeah! It is the solo that is stellar and orbiting Nuno’s status into the stratosphere. 



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