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This is a surprising comeback of one of Canada’s most underestimated rock bands. Honeymoon Suite started out in the early eighties in Niagara Falls after singer Johnny Dee started the group and recruited guitarist Derry Grehan, bass player Gary Lalonde, drummer Dave Betts and keyboardist Ray Coburn. Their melodic rock did conceal some poppy influences and especially in their own country albums such as ‘Honeymoon Suite’, ‘The Big Prize’. ‘Racing After Midnight’ and ‘Monsters Under The Bed’ sold well and got them into the charts with several hit singles. Also, America took notice allowing the band to do several big tours there opening for some prolific acts. By that time several members had been replaced with Dee and Grehan remaining at the helm.


After a hiatus somewhere back in 2007 Dee and Grehan decided to roll the dice again. With Lalonde and Betts happily participating again together with new keyboardist Pete Nunn who for the second time replaced Ray Coburn. A new record was recorded but did not do much. The band plodded along during the years with a few singles and gigs before putting the finishing touch on ‘Alive’, the 8th official studio-release of the group. ‘Alive’ is a very decent album indeed, reminding me of their first three albums. Grehan and Dee still manage to combine robust heavy rock with a slight pop feel. So in a way it seems that time has been standing still a bit when you look at their previous music and performances.


Without changing too much these Canadians have managed to combine their old tricks with a more modern production, surrounded by some very decent songs such as ,,Tell Me What You Want’’, ,,Broken’’, ,,Love Comes’’ and ,,Done Doin Me’’. The sparkle is still there. Especially ,,Tell Me What You Want’’ reminds me with its easy listening chorus about the old days. ‘Alive’ is an entertaining rock album. It should be good enough to get the band noticed again by their old fans. It is certainly good enough to get them noticed by a new audience as well. Time has been standing still for Honeymoon Suite it seems. But because of the modern production the band is standing with both feet in the rock climate of 2024. Glad to hear you again guys!

Release date: 16 February 2024



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