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LIPZ, is a fourpiece from Sweden that looks extravaganza, old school leather, studs & chains glam rock. Like Mötley Crüe wore back in their early days. And of course, in full make-up and recognizable hair style. I have had a spontaneous encounter with LIPZ (check video here) during Glam-Slam Sleaze Metal Festival in 2022. Seeing them for the first time on stage definitely fired up my curiosity about their future repertoire. The band around the Klintberg brothers Alexander (vocals and guitar) and Koffe (drums), who are accompanied by Conny Svärd (guitar) and Chris Young (bass), have sealed a deal with Frontiers Records for the release of their brand-new album `Changing The Melody’.


`Changing The Melody’ is an album that brightens up the room, uplifts your mood instantly and makes you feel longing for those careless 80s big hair and highly melodic laden rock heydays even more. But don’t expect an outdated or dusty sound and production. On the contrary, and like many Swedish bands, also LIPZ obviously knows how to write appealing songs that are freshly produced and mixed. LIPZ serves ten songs that are melodic to the bone, flamboyant in performance and so damn catchy. That’s because their tunes also lean strongly towards mainstream pop rock music, but the energetic sounding guitar layer gives us rockers the power boost we also desperately need.

The voice of Alexander sounds youthful, light, high and clean and has a beautiful and firm melodic depth. He is a well-skilled singer that has a special sparkle in his sound and performance. Yeah, this guy is absolutely selling it and once you heard the songs, they stick. For instance, how can you say no to the infectious sounding track ,,Bye Bye Beautiful’’, the rhythmic swinging ,,Stop Talk About …..’’, or the party cracker ,,Bang Bang’’. There is also this epic love serenade ,,I Would Die For You’’, that actually during the first seconds reminds me of Heart’s ,,Alone’’. In this tender and beautiful constructive composition Alexander really transcends himself here as a vocalist and that by the way has a great guitar solo explosion towards the end. What a track!


LIPZ is part of the new glam, melodic rock generation that wants the listener having a great time. Although the musical concept of `Changing The Melody’ is quite simple and super easy to absorb, this foursome presents it with loads of confidence, enthusiasm and appeal. In classic straight forward hard rock style the album opener ,,I’m Going Under’’ starts the rock ‘n roll train with an infectious driven rhythm. Swing and straight forward beats are the foundation of the songs that pass you after that and on a few occasions with a bit more speed. The lyrics have a light-hearted and fun character, but there is also a serious undertone. Guitar licks and short guitar solo interference are spicing up the arrangements, with which the band seems to be seeking a balance between a heavier and a more commercial sound. 

If you are thrilled about sweet and sticky melodic, glam rock, don’t hesitate to give the album a listen. Let’s change the melody in our stereo and get the party started. Hell yeah, I’m in!

Release date: 15 March 2024



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