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`My Name Is Katherine’, the fifth studio album of Meden Agan is a concept album based on the eponymous story by their singer Dimitra Panariti, brought to life in 10 brand-new heavy metal tracks. Although the band typically takes time between releases, this album’s creation took longer than usual, marking six years since their previous work, mainly due to the pandemic reshaping our world. 6 years’ worth the wait, as proven directly.


Each song a thrilling journey of self-discovery, immersing listeners in the depths of Katherine’s emotions. As a troubled woman in post-war 1950s Greece, she grapples with the absence of true love, care, and security until she meets Jonathan and falls deeply in love. However, haunted by her past wounds, her journey is captured in vivid detail through the lyrics skilfully crafted by Dimitra. Her vocals, ranging from pure opera to hard rock, are delivered with absolute mastery, infusing each note with soul and vitality. Dimitra’s technical prowess leaves listeners in awe, adding an extra layer of depth to the emotional narrative. 

,,Moth” bursts open with stabbing keys and a captivating guitar lick, weaving a melody that alternates between guitar and keyboard interaction. As Dimitra belts out the vocal melody, the song accelerates with sudden time changes, morphing the intrinsic keys to pompous height. Bridge and chorus reveal its melodic character, leaning more towards metal than epic, yet capturing the right moods.


,,Time like Space” escalates to epic heights with intense guitar and bass interplay, while Dimitra’s vocals soar, rich and wide-ranging, conveying the essence of the story with fervor. She taps into the melodic vein, infusing the metal with her emotive wails. Her versatility shines on ,,Trapped”, where she effortlessly navigates through her registers, accompanied by galloping drums and a multitude of melodic discharges, guided by Diman’s leadership.

Diman Koutsogiannopoulos ignites his guitar with blistering solos, drawing from a diverse range of metal styles. His dazzling fretboard wizardry is interlaced with classic power metal prowess, while his riffs border on progressive metal, adorned with tremendous melodic laurels. Pantelis Sakkas on bass counters the energy bursts with intense bass riffs, adding depth and dynamic low-end (check ,,Transition”) dynamics to the mix.

Tolis Mikroulis, the band’s keyboard virtuoso, makes a grand impact with his majestic sound and intricate key executions, melding seamlessly with Diman’s guitar licks and riffs to create a tapestry of wonderful thematic playing. This adds depth and richness to the band’s tonality. 


Showcasing Tolis’ skills, the melodic explosion of ,,Rejection” bursts forth with intense cascades of keys and commanding drums driving it forward, while ,,Beyond any Suspicion” reveals more subtle nuances. The interplay between keys and riffs is masterfully executed on both tracks. Dimitra’s vocals range from fierce roars to delicate scats, imbuing her melodies with ample emotion. The heavier tones of ,,Confident” propel the song forward with relentless power, with the vocals shifting shape effortlessly.

,,Shedding” delivers high-paced classic metal, with Dimitra alternating between anger-laden phrasing and operatic soprano chants, while ,,Victorious” showcases intense drum rolls and powerful Euro metal influences, transcending the turmoil. Amidst brutal technicality, the song maintains a melodic delivery, with Dimitra guiding it with her dynamic vocals full of determination and vigor.Panariti unleashes a full range of vocal prowess on the intense track ,,Sickness”, blending guttural grunts with anger-laden growls, seamlessly intertwining with epic symphonic soprano elements. The ever-changing soundscape presents a challenge for the listener, but the payoff is rewarding. This diversity also enriches the captivating ,,Transition,” where delightful melodic prog timings elevate the album to a triumphant conclusion.


`My Name is Katherine’ showcases the band’s artistry and flair for drama. Their music exudes outstanding energy and confidence, drawing from a variety of metal styles. Blending elements of epic and symphonic metal with progressive and power metal, the songs highlight the best of Meden Agan. With Diman and Dimitra displaying their musical prowess, listeners are treated to an enthralling and captivating story full of musical intensity and craftsmanship.

Release date: 3 May 2024



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