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Moon Shot’s `The Power’ warps me back to the days Gun set fire to the broiling clubs in the late 80s. The potent mix of melodic hard rock and modern pop rocking new wave from the likes of U2 and Simple Minds welded onto precision crafted rock songs from the power of that era. It is exactly this that Finnish rockers Moon Shot manage to pull off, bestowing present (large) pop structures and uproar onto classic rock with high tech beats in the vein of Depeche Mode. In a world all is well that gels well, Moon Shot rous ,,Yes!” to the future of rock ‘n roll!


Damn that song bangs out loud. ,,Yes!” has not left my skull since playing. It is packed with such pristine power, that it made my comparison to Gun go down as focal point to my mood board of the review. ,,Yes!” rouses, and guitarist Jussi Ylikoski’s Celtic guitar theme and dense harmonized guitars nests on the spot. It provides a crunch and bite to the pop tart sweetness. Rousing chorus, slick melodies counterfeeding the pop-tinged vocals are key ingredient in this cracker. 

It is exactly what makes Moon Shot tower with power: The perfect dose of rock ‘n roll, nasty scruff and pop meet modern rock, resting in audacious mix that boasts epic symphonic themed guitar melodies and licks. Whether it is the opening ,,Life is a Killer” with its stringent raining riff ‘n lick, dynamic drum rolls and feral vocal delivery, or the low droning high tech title track, it delivers on all account the Power. 

Throbbing on bass, the low end is grooving in between the heavy drum beat and high-tech keyboard and synth effects. Just enough to bridge to pop, but ballsy enough to have you rock out!


,,Blackened Spiral” features the Depeche modus danceable beat while packing tremendous power in the choral unload and reverbing guitars. Vocally it is all slick but powerful, perfectly matching the rock ‘n pop drama, while unloading a unique recognizability. This fuse of pop and rock also pitches in ,,Arms around Me” that is held together by a stagnant drum beat and echoing effects before dropping a grenade of melodic power on you. The echo also stretches the notes of the pitched guitars in the crushing ,,Ride Faster”. Subtle drum rolls are laid down by Mikko Hakila who guards the tempo shifts and dynamic volatility of the song.

He does the same while laying down a jazzy rocked up backbeat to the subtle ,,Supercharged Love” that packs wonderful guitar plucking and weaver guitar licks amidst the Henkka Seppälä’s low droning bass chords and Ville’s loud vocals. The guitar solo resurges the 80s and 90’s verve instantly, drawing wail and pitch to the front. 


Wailing with ebbing melancholy, ,,1800 Nights” is a puzzling beautiful mid-paced rocker with nesting melodies and tremendous hooks. It is densely orchestrated but crystal clear in its melodic discharge of guitars and bass. ,,Shadow Boxes” has a loud riff and reverbing guitars at the helm, morphing to pop with high pace strut of raining keys and drizzling effects surrounding Ville Malja’s raspy vocals that soar into yet another memorable chorus. Tribal drum rolls and soaring outcalls build to the echoing guitars with a piercing short note salvo atop, before keys drizzle into the reverbing guitars to make it die out.

Reviving a Cure-like vibe, the opening of ,,Stars are Holes” has an 80s wave theme woven into the Therapy!-combusted swagger of the song. It swirls, whirls and rocks with panache. ,,Deep Hood” almost comes across as a Depeched-back version of AC/DC ,,Thunderstruck” riff, while branching out into razor-sharp vocal calls smashing the alternating power surges of guitar and bass. Drums at the middle, the song roars and soars with Ville adding to the power surge of the song. 


`The Power’ sees Moon Shot rise the ranks of hard rocking pop with towering precision. Their songs are captivating pieces of craftmanship all packing tremendous power that is well dosed to maximize the fun and experience. This band unites styles into an explosive cocktail made to burst and see festival ground front to back banging and jumping. Check out their video singles on YouTube to catch my drift.

This is an album for those enjoying hard rocking pop with metal accolades not shying away from modern twists and turns. I’m amazed!

Release date: 26 April 2024



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