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Cliché laden but action packed, the debut album of Italian Nightblaze roars into firm AOR position. The band around multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dario Grillo (Platens, View) delivers a collection of fresh melodic rock hymns with focus on impressive choruses and nesting melodies. Though melodic roads paved with predictability and reminiscence lurking, Nightblaze meanders through the sonic landscape reviving the classic ingredients with Scandi panache, making this self-titled debut one for the fans.


Compiled of seasoned musicians Frederica Reschellà (Steel Tyrant, Evil Eyes) on bass and Dario’s brother Alex (Platens, Violet Sun, Verdemela) on drums, the band is rounded up by the talented Damiano Libianchi of Perfect View fame. A very wise move, as he brings the right timbre to the plate.

Nightblaze, though Italian, is a band sounding very melodic, often bearing remembrance to the days of Scandi melodic rock and closely linked to the modern Scandi bands widening their sonic scope. The outcome is a more than pleasant record bold of musicality and top shelf musicianship, defining the outcome of the melodic standard being intensely high. Yes, we heard it all before. But then again; delivered with such muscular intensity and commitment, Nightblaze truly impacts!


Sizzling with poise, ,,Sudden Blast” brings energy forward needed to inflate the melodies and drive. Tons of hooks and memorable melodies are stacked, foot tapping and head nodding evoked. The swirling guitar melody and stagnant breaks make it whirl. Thumbing drums and pumping bass, the foundation is excellent. Dario’s wonderful guitarwork atop and keys supporting, the song impacts and fires on all engines. Soaring vocals, reminiscent to Work of Art and Wigelius, Damiano belts out a versatile and colorful switching register, soaring and slick. When he belts his middle range, the natural ooze is commenced, enhancing the song’s lush accolades, like on ,,Take on Me”, the bass-lick driven (video-single) ,,Tell Me” with its potent chorus, and the droning but melodic ,,Carry On”.


Very colorful is ,,You’re Gone”, instantly nesting with a gigantic chorus and melody, the song links past and present with its rhythmic saturation and warm vocal delivery. Riffs percolate jagged with melody and nice subtle themes and licks. This AOR approach is further delved from on the mega-melodic ,,Diana”, swirling with harmonies and melodies. When halted in its dynamics, the songs flourish, with the timid ,,Daughter” as wonderful emotional piano-ballad, stripped to its bear essence without losing its oozing AOR-appeal. The song again sip lays Damiano’s wonderful vocal range, channelling directly into the heart and soul of the listener. This slow mover is (deep) touching and frail, with an exquisite breakdown of pompous strings, keys and intensified musical grandeur of epic proportion

Louder throbbing baas lines are found on the smoothening ,,Hold on to Me” with its sterling chorus and vocals atop the fink’d up heavy bass, glaced with key-drizzles and subdued guitars. Extroverting and magnifying these ingredients, ,,Fragments of Time” is a tad blunter and heavier, without losing its generic melodic appeal unloading in its nesting pompous bridge and chorus. 


Bringing the guitars forward, Nightblaze unleashed the excellent ,,Fading Away”, packing subtlety while bringing brisk double bass drums forward underneath the swinging riffs and mega melodic melody. The drums switched dynamic, Frederica injects some low bass growl swagger contrasting nicely with the slick vocal execution of Libianchi, who delves deep in his soaring register. 

Nightblaze’s `Nightblaze’ album is a more than pleasant run, front to back. Great musical execution and wonderful melodies provided by the dozen, the album is a must hear for fans of classic melodic rock and AOR. Though we might have heard it all before and the music being far from original, Nightblaze delivers with commitment and drive, making all songs swirl with honesty and appeal. Nice!

Check it out!

Release date: 22 March 2024



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