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It’s their first full length offering but it might as well be dubbed an EP. Only spanning 24 minutes, `Ghosts’ disappoints on running time only. Musically the female metal band Pirate Queen takes the high seas to embark onto their maiden voyage. However, their subsequent release, `Ghosts’, falls short of expectations, resembling more a compilation of recently released singles rather than a cohesive album.


Nevertheless, these charming buccaneers embark on their musical voyage, plundering the legacy of epic metal with remarkable skill. They infuse classic metal with an epic flair, drawing inspiration from the marauders of old. While influenced by luminaries like Running Wild, Pirate Queen ventures into uncharted waters, enriching metal with treasures plundered from distant shores.

Kicking off with the previously reviewed single release ,,Pirates from the Sea”, the band immediately immerses listeners in a whirlwind of folk and exotic melodies, evoking the spirit of maritime adventures and epic metal. This concoction works wonders, flawlessly executed with charisma and boundless energy. ,,Siren’s Tears” begins its gradual ascent, serving as an atmospheric prelude featuring haunting chants and the evocative call of the sea, accompanied by the sounds of a drifting vessel. Soon, it builds into the robust march, with orchestration swelling in intensity, seamlessly transitioning into the album’s titular track’s accolades. 


The harmonies are impeccably tuned, enhanced by the intricate layers of vocals and guitars. A scenic interlude follows, marked by crashing waves melding with an intense melodic guitar solo. Accumulating vocals and riffs building towards a stirring chorus with commencing rise. As the intensity mounts, Pirate Queen showcases their musical prowess with polished harmonies and captivating vocal interplay, crafting a multi-layered epic experience. All ingredients culminate in the picturesque and cinematic rendition that mocks up the powerhouse ,,In Search of El Dorado”, characterized by its driving riffs and enchanting melodies. Swirling keys infuse the vibrant essence of pirate lore before the band transitions into harmonious vocal melodies. 

While the musical arrangement exudes extravagance, it maintains a measured balance, allowing moments of respite amidst the frenzy. Chants crescendo, and the chorus bursts forth with radiant splendour, enveloping listeners in a sense of awe and wonder. This marks a significant step up leading into ,,Santa Lucia”, where the narrative introduced in the opening track resurfaces. As the guitars intensify, the song unleashes its formidable prowess, complemented by captivating vocal interplay. Multiple layers of vocals, including clean soprano tones, intertwine seamlessly with the epic choral arrangements, creating a harmonious and potent sonic tapestry. With cinematic grandeur, the song builds momentum, propelled by accelerated guitar riffs that take center stage amidst the melodic expanse. Yet, the vocals remain utterly enchanting in their execution, maintaining an intense fervour and dynamic progression.


These intricate harmonies persist in the captivating ,,Open Fire”, which boldly emerges with a memorable hook and riff. The vocals are pleasingly delivered, with dominant harmonies lending support and allowing the melodic elements to flourish. With its epic undertones, the song immerses listeners in an adventurous and enigmatic journey. The radio edit featured, as well as the instrumental version of ,,Ghosts” don’t really make up for the loss of playing time. The overall quality is solid, the running time limited. 

Though short of span, Pirate Queen impacts with its music, straying from the typical genre giants. It is pleasant and recognizable, but it also bears the mark of musical mastery while it unloads a unique patterns and theme. Pleasant and wonderful. Let’s see what they bring from the lands undiscovered. 

Hail the Pirate Queens… Arrr! Arrr!

Release date: 3 May 2024



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