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Scott Stapp of course became famous as the lead vocalist of the notorious rock band Creed, but as Creed parted ways twenty years ago, Stapp went on to work solo and ‘Higher Power’ is his fourth solo album and I can honestly say that it is his best effort so far. Stapp, also being famous because of his mental problems and his bipolar disturbance, has made this album exceptionally personal.


The opening title song says it all, as Scott Stapp relives and exorcises awful memories of his fall from a hotel balcony as he was dealing with depression and addiction. Stapp sings about the day he died being the day he came back to life. ,,Higher Power” is a song that Creed fans will truly embrace as it is packed with addictive soaring melodies, atmospheric guitar melodies and of course the very recognisable, emotive vocals of Stapp himself.


Next up is ,,Deadman’s Trigger”, a heavy track with furious guitar work while ,,When Love Is Not Enough” – featuring an addictive singalong chorus – is probably the most Creed-like track and in my humble opinion a bit too corny and sweet. However, the sweetest song is yet to come. ,,If These Walls Could Talk”, is a 100% folksy-like bittersweet ballad, featuring a singing duet between Dorothy and Stapp and that one is definitely NOT my cup of tea; skip it if you can. ,,You’re Not Alone” is, sad but true, another ballad and that one also does not really touch or get me. I really prefer Stapp’s heavier, rockier songs like ,,Quicksand”, ,,Black Butterfly”, ,,What I Deserve” or the already mentioned first two songs of ‘Higher Power’.


The excellent Greek guitar picker Yiannis Papadopoulos delivers some impressive work on ,,What I Deserve”, ,,Quicksand” and ,,Dancing In The Rain”, making these songs kind of special. Scott Stapp did a great job writing and composing these new songs but musically, for me at least, it is most of the time too sweet – read too many ballads – but for Creed fans there is a lot to enjoy. I still think that it is Stapp’s best solo effort so far.

Listening tip: ,,Deadman’s Trigger” (and play it LOUD of course…)

Release date: 15 March 2024



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